Schools in Al Ain

Al Ain is located about 130 kms from Dubai in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. It is a smaller city than both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but has a Men's and Women's Higher College of Technology and Al Ain University.

Comments on schools in Al Ain


My daughter went to school in Al Ain for 4 years before coming to Dubai. There are 2 schools in Al Ain - the Al Ain English Speaking School and the International School of Chouefait. My daughter went to Chouefait and we were very happy with the school - when she transferred to Dubai she was well advanced of the students at Emirates International School where she is currently enrolled. Many people view Chouefait as too regimented and content oriented with no concern for the individual child.

I understand that a few years ago, many families moved their children to the Al Ain English Speaking School. One reason is that it use to go just to grade 8 and now goes all the way to grade 12. It follows the British curriculum and most families from what I heard are happy with it.

The biggest problem with Al Ain is the lack of choice in schools however, College people in Al Ain seem to be happy with English Speaking School.



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