Car Registrations and Transfers

This applies to the registration of second-hand cars and renewals. If you buy a new car the dealer normally obtains the registration for you the first time only.

Prior to purchase or registration of a car you MUST have a valid UAE Driver's License and insurance. 

Insurance rates are reasonable, and motor insurance is compulsory. Car owners should note that comprehensive policies may omit passenger coverage; this can be bought as a separate item. Usually full comprehensive coverage will cost between than Dhs 1,000-3,000; but remember insurance is approximately 4% of the value of the car. 

 If you are new to DUBAI

Bring a letter from your insurance company stating you have no previous claims  (or get one sent to you ASAP)� it will greatly reduce the cost of insurance.

Note: Echo Car Registration Services Ph 3969928 Fax 3969929 or the Manager on 0506752875  and Midland Cars Ph 3967521/22 Fax 3967523 will do all this for you. I don't know much about these services, but  some staff use them . Speak to them. 

There is also a  service through the Eppco Tasjeel Centres (See below). It is called the Al Sayara service and for Dhs 200 a driver will pickup your vehicle and return it after having it tested and registered. (It costs Dhs 100 if you take it there yourself and let them do all the work). They will also carry out any minor repairs with your permission, in order to get it through the test. This Dhs 200 does not cover the test cost, registration fees, traffic fines and any repair costs. Ph 800 4 258 .Documentation that must be supplied for these services is your Registration Card and your newly renewed car insurance papers.

Many of the requirements below change often. PLEASE  LET ME KNOW ABOUT CHANGES, so I can keep this page up to date

Vehicle Re-Registration


(This information is correct as at end of October 01, 2013  be aware that things may have changed when you go there!)


Before you go:

Check for fines. Go to Dubai Police Headquarters web site, Online Services, Traffic Fines Enquiry and Payment at

You will need you car registration number and index letter or Driver Licence number to find out how much money, if any, you owe in fines. Best to check both the car AND your Driver Licence. This comes about because you don�t receive any fines in the mail; you only find out by checking on the above web site, at �Dubai Police Fines� ATM-like machines in most shopping malls, or at Eppco Tasjeel centres. It�s better to know what fines are due beforehand rather than get a shock at the processing desk! It should be noted that fines information can sometimes be inaccurate and you should be prepared for this by taking extra cash when you go to renew your registration. An ATM is located just outside the main door into Reception, if you need it!



Take with you the following:


  1. Vehicle Registration Card
  2. Valid Insurance certificate
  3. Copy of your passport
  4. Cash though there are ATMs at the registration places.  Have small notes also as they usually ask for the exact amount



1.        Vehicle test:


  1. Before you leave home REMOVE ALL VALUABLES FROM THE CAR.
  2. At the entry gate, give the attendant your Registration Card. You�ll receive back the card with some details stuck onto it and two numbered slips of paper, and he�ll tell you which Test Lane(s) you can go to. At this stage you can elect to have it all done for you at a cost of Dh 150/- while you sit in the waiting area,( I do this)  but these instructions will help you do it yourself if you wish and nowadays this sort of thing is conducted in a most civilized way.
  3. Wait in line until the attendant is ready to take the vehicle for testing � leave the key in the ignition and receive from him one of the numbered tickets.




  1. New Registration Card processing:


  1. Wait in RECEPTION till you number is displayed. Go to the counter and pay Dh 50/- (exact amount), for the Test and you�ll receive your papers back and a colourful Tasjeel receipt.
  2. Go to the Typing Counter and have a seat. When your turn comes, give the typist your papers � he�ll ask you for your residential address (e.g. Villa 10, Road 23c, Al Safa), phone number (usually mobile) and P.O. Box number (suggest you write these clearly on a separate sheet of paper, it makes things easier!). Pay Dh 15/- (exact amount), and return to the RECEPTION desk. There, receive another numbered slip of paper (numbered 5xxx), the old Registration Card and your ignition key. Go and sit in the next waiting area behind the Reception Desk, facing the desks with numbers 5xxx.
  3. When your number�s displayed, go to that counter for processing of your Registration Card and payment of any fines. You have to pay a processing fee for fines on top of the total for fines. (Dhs10). You now pay the Registration fee (Dh 370/-) and any fines. Again, it helps to have the exact money. (Dh320 if you car is not tested as it is only 12 mths old).
  4. Once this process is complete, you�ll receive back the documentation and a receipt of the total paid; take a seat and wait for your name to be called from an unnumbered desk to the left of the numbered desks (when you�re facing them). If you have a Western name spelt like mine (Leigh), listen VERY carefully as some pronunciations are a bit funny for example  instead of lee I've had legggeh or Gerrard ( my second name )
  5. Hand in your documentation and you will receive your new Registration Card and a receipt. Once you receive the new reg card proceed to the number plates desk where you will be issued a sticker to put onto your back  number plate (this sticker is the month and year until your reg is valid).
  6. That�s it!! Leave the building either through a single unmarked door at the end of the building to your LEFT as you�re standing at the counter, or leave by the main door to the Reception area through which you first entered. You�ll find your car, unlocked, in the car park that�s behind the Reception building and beyond the Test Bays.





The Registration Card and Insurance Cover Note MUST be kept in your car at all times.




Maps showing  Eppco Tasjeel Centres Opening hours of the centres are on the maps.


  If you go early any day you should be  finished in 30 minutes...Leigh.


Special Instructions if you are Buying/Selling a car. This can be done at the Eppco Tasjeel Centres

 If you are changing plates, then you must remove the old ones and return them with your application.

 If the car is from another Emirate then the export (blue) plates must be returned with your application.

If you are buying a second-hand car from a private individual, then the person selling the car must accompany you to the Registration Centre to sign off. This is MOST IMPORTANT, as the car may NOT be re-registered if outstanding fines exist. My advice is that YOU DO NOT PAY FOR THE CAR until the previous owner has accompanied you to the Registration Centre and paid off all fines (if any). 

Here is how to do it step by step ....

Transferring Ownership of a car / Selling a Car


When selling to a buyer you do not  know ONLY sell a car for Cash.

No cheques

 I have heard of too many stories of cheques bouncing a couple of days after a sale and then you have no car and no money.



  1. Go to insurance company and terminate the policy. They will ask for a copy of the new registration card. You may be able to transfer the policy to the new owner.
  2. If policy not transferable, buyer gets insurance cover.
  3. Get car tested if registration is near expiry.
  4. Both parties go to Eppco Tasjeel Centre 
  5. Get form. Have it filled out in one of the Typing booths, if you don�t know Arabic
  6. You need :
    • Registration card
    • copy of drivers license (Buyer)
    • copy of visa and passport (Buyer)
    • Insurance certificate (Buyer)
  1. Hand in at the counter for processing in Registration office (they will check for fines).
  2. Go to Cashier (about 100 Dhs for transfer or 390 Dhs for new registration)
  3. Hand in documents and receipt
  4. Wait for new registration card (It is handy for the seller photocopy this to prove for insurance purposes that you sold the car).
  5. Swap new card for payment of vehicle.

    Make sure that the plastic registration card is in the new buyers name. I bought a car and somehow in the typing of the forms the seller appeared as the new owner. This then appeared on the card. Check this with someone who reads arabic. before you leave. You do not want the hassle of paying for a car and then finding out it is not in your name. I write from experience!

    Seller should photocopy the card as seller is advised to send a copy showing the car is in someone else's name to insurance company.

  6. Buyer gives copy of registration card to his/her insurance company. 
  7. When you sell your car get proof of the sale at the time you do it - either a photocopy of the new car registration card with the new owner's name on it, or a deregistration certificate from the police.  Your insurance company can then stop the insurance on your old car and you can get a credit against the insurance on your new car for the time left on your policy. Without this proof they won't stop the insurance and you'll pay twice!



    I got this from a departing staff member who pointed out...

    The seller must get a letter from the bank that the car has been paid off . Both the buyer & I thought we had transferred a car until the police said "Ah need letter from bank......................"

     BUT if your registration card ( the white one with the red text) shows on the back  "Mortgaging Company and Mortgaging Doc Type" as a blank spaces this is the same.





    Make sure that the plastic registration card is in the new buyers name. I bought a car and somehow in the typing of the forms the seller appeared as the new owner. This then appeared on the card. Check this with someone who reads arabic. before you leave. You do not want the hassle of paying for a car and then finding out it is not in your name. I write from experience!




You can find out any traffic fines you have accumulated by ringing  04 2685555. You will need your car registration number or driver's licence number to find out how much money, if any, you owe. This comes about because you don't receive any fines in the mail you only find out by ringing or checking at the "Fines ATM like" machines in the shopping malls or now at

Traffic fines can be paid via credit card at


See also Parking in Dubai page.



This page was last updated by Leigh Butler on October 01, 2013