Hairdressers (Male and Female)/ Beauty Salons/Nail Bars

As a "bloke" who has what hair he has left cut on a No 1 clipper setting....I take NO responsibility!!..Leigh


General comment

Men's haircuts cost anything between Dhs 10 and Dhs 100. The average going rate seems to be about Dhs 20 at most hairdressers.

From a staff member

"Regarding hair cuts for men.  I know that a person can get a cut in a mall for about 60 Dhs.  This comes with a head massage as well.  I do not do that, but rather, go to a shop beside the Park n Shop along El Wasl Rd. and it costs 15 Dhs for a cut."



Costs seem a bit different for women. Read on.......

There are no shortage of good hairdressers for women. Where to go would depend on where you will be staying. On average the western stylists charge about 250 Dhs ++++ for cut and blow wave.

The non-western ones e.g. Honeymoon. in Karama and Satwa are about 55 - 80 Dhs for Cut and Blow wave. 




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